Frequently Asked Questions

Given the short length of our six month rotations, there is a steep learning curve and a relatively small window to make a meaningful impact.  This requires professionals with a reasonable amount of experience (five to eight years). Exact years of experience are flexible depending on the relevance and quality of the work.

Project: Marvel Studio Technology VFX Pipeline Analytics
Associate: Rohit
Business: Marvel

Project: RenderMan
Associate: Yasmin
Business: Pixar

Project: Disney Cruise Line – Triton Class Digital
Associate: Porter
Business: Disney Cruise Line

Project: Wakanda Framework
Associate: Hany
Business: Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products

Project: WDI R&D
Associate: Deepti
Business: Imagineering

Project: Building a Cloud-Based (AWS) Media Networks Data Platform (Strategic Roadmap for Data Input)
Associate: Emeka
Business: Disney ABC Television Group

Project: Playmation Analytics (Implementing the Analytics Platform)
Associate: Chad
Business: Enterprise Technology & Consumer Products

Project: Project Leapfrog (Implementing a New Royalties System)
Associate: Chad
Business: Music Group

Project: Disneyland WiFi HotSpot
Associate: Emeka
Business: Parks & Resorts Technology

Project: Guest Experience (Defining & Creating the first shared Account Management Platform)
Associate: Liraz
Business: Interactive Media

Project: ESPN+
Associate: Steven
Business: ESPN

Project: Movies Anywhere
Associate: Steven
Business: Studios

Project: Innovation in Production – Next Gen Retail Experience
Associate: Laura
Business: Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products

Project: Workforce Enablement: Collaboration Platform Strategy
Associate: Patrick Hynes
Business: Enterprise Technology

Due to the nature of the rotation projects, Associates are most successful if they have a combined expertise in both engineering and management, whether that be obtained through education or work experience.  All projects are technology-based, so all candidates will have to demonstrate technological savvy.

Disney’s various business segments work differently and have a history of their own. There is diversity in technology as well as work culture. The rotation program provides an opportunity to learn and experience the different business segments, gain a better understanding of how the company works as a whole, and develop into a multifaceted leader who can help influence the future of the company.

Associates can apply to any openings inside The Walt Disney Company based on the skills they developed during their rotations, as well as the contacts they created while working in various business segments. Additionally, in their final rotation, Associates will meet with the Program Manager and members of the Talent Acquisition/Recruiting team to discuss interests and potential opportunities.

Examples of roles accepted by TMR Alumni:

  • Director, Data Analytics
  • Manager, Enterprise Strategic Programs
  • Enterprise Data Governance Program Manager
  • Sr. Manager, Product & Technology Innovation
  • Sr. Product Manager
  • Manager, Strategic Initiatives
  • Manager, Product Development
  • Program Manager

Associates could potentially engage in various roles such as Technology Strategist, Product Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, etc. Associates are paired with projects based on their skills, interest, and background, as well as professional development objectives. For insight into past projects, please see “examples of past projects.”